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Friday, May 14, 2010

American Able is Awesome

Oh man, I am so thrilled by American Able, a spoof of the ridiculous quasi-porn hipster photos that dominate American Apparel ads, shot by the photographer Holly Norris and featuring "crooked" artist/performer Jes Sachse (side note: it doesn't surprise me that a sly shot at an "American" company comes from a different part of North America, Canada):

The photos fantastically, directly confront the lack of disabled and queer images in pop culture, with a cool and upbeat vibe that almost makes you want to buy those clothes just so you can be as cool as Jes (if only American Apparel realized the potential of going beyond their usual pool of young, thin, women making porno faces/poses at the camera). Read more on Worn Journal and Threadbared (where I first read about it)- two great, smart fashion/art blogs! Image via.