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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I hate my iPhone

or at least Virginia Heffernan does (I don't have one-- thanks, I'm online too much already).

When I talk to anyone over 60 or so, the cell phone issue often comes up. These things don't work that well for a lot of people-- they are small and hard to see and hard to program. The market seems to provide for the range of preferences-- don't like the iPhone, get a Blackberry.. or a Jitterbug, pictured above. The letters are larger and "click" when you push them, the screen is stripped down to the basics with few add-ons or menus, and there's an ultra-simple keypad option to use the phone just for emergencies.


Susan Surface said...

Hmm... maybe I'll get one for my mother after testing it out to see if it really is easy. She's so confused by her cell phone!

Bess said...

I've never actually seen one and would like to.. the earlier models were much bigger and boxier, and I think originally had a dial tone! Report back if you ever check it out.